A few months ago I was contacted by Juice and they were wondering if they could use some of my photographs for an article about Dave Maxwell. They were doing several interviews with different skate park builders that skate. I was very pleased and honoured to supply the hi-resolution photos of Dave to JUICE… now it was just waiting game until the mag got published. Eventually ‘MY’ issue of Juice was published and I eventually got a couple copies which landed at my home address a couple of days ago… I then saw that it was the issue with the legendary skate park builder Mark ‘MONK’ Hubbard (R.I.P.) on the cover… STOKED

JUICE – issue #76

This issue of JUICE reminded me of the time I met Dave Maxwell in 2012. He was one of the crew that built the Högdallen (High Valley Skate World) skate park here in the Stockholm area in Sweden.

There was a medium sized crew from the company ARTISAN on the build. Dave Maxwell, Bart Kramlik, Durand Beasley, John Saville, Kyle Berard, Mark Ausmus, Mark Gwaltney & Mikey Weeks. I was there every once in a while during the progress of the build and during some days off I took some photo’s of the guys. Below you can see some of these that I took when they were here in 2012. I also did an article with these photos of the guys that was supposed to come out in the Swedish skate mag GIFTORM, however due to varying reasons that article never got published… shame but there we go. Just like to thank all the guys for skating so rad so that I could get some of these classic pics. Also thanks to Artisan and PILLAR Designs.

That ‘article’ is at the very bottom of this post…

Artisan crew in High Valley skate park.

Bart Kramlik, Dave Maxwell, Durand Beasley, John Saville, Kyle Berard, Mark Ausmus, Mark Gwaltney & Mikey Weeks

The never published article… that those photos were for.