Final Results PROS Finals 1. Pedro Barros  2. Bucky Lasek  3. Rune Glifberg 4. Josh Stafford  5. Sam Beckett  6. Alex Sorgente  7. Brad McClain 8. Omar Hassan MASTERS Finals 1. Nicky Guerrero  2. Steve Caballero  3. Eddie ‘El Gato’ Elguera  4. Pat Ngoho  5. Christian Hosoi  6. Mike McGill  7. Sergie Ventura  8. Adam Luxfor   Super congratulations to Nicky ”The GURU” Guerrero… STOKED   Photos suplied by VANS

Basque January 2013

Went down to the Basque country in January, took a while to get the pics up. Better late than never I suppose. Good times indeed… congrats again Kevin Campbell on your 50th Also just heard that it’s official… BOWL-A-RAMA at the La Kantera pool (Algorta) in the beginning of July… cool