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The lost Giftorm Article… Ett Öppet Brev Till Peter Hewitt

A letter to Peter Hewitt… I’ve just recently added a post of all (almost all) the Giftorm atricles I’ve been involved with since 2006. However a friend from Finland said he was missing one… “Ett öppet brev till Peter Hewitt” (A letter to Peter Hewitt). I started looking and looking for the original files… couldn’t find them any where. I remember I had a hard disk crash around that time

Giftorm Articles – 2006 to 2017

Over the years, probably from 2006 to 2017 I’ve been involved with doing some articles in The Swedish skateboard magazine… GIFTORM. Giftorm at present is in “hibernation” and I know there are a quite a few people out there that haven’t been able to see these articles as they live abroad. But after asking permission to post these, here are those articles for all you out there that have not

Giftorm Articles 2006 -2017

Since around 2006 I’ve been in involved with the Swedish Skateboard Magazine GIFTORM. I’ve done some quite a few articles and even had three cover shots. Here are almost all of the articles that I and with collaboration with others did for the magazine… been fun going through the old stuff 🙂 Thanks Nicke for trusting in me and my abilities… it was a blast… LONG LIVE GIFTORM. It’s not