Aug 212017

About 3 weeks ago Eric Dressen and Bennett Harada came over from Finland to Stockholm to get away from the rain over there… two of there buddies from Finland came along, Tommi and Penna and lucky for me I was able to take them all around to a few spots in Stockholm with a little help from Jani (the 3rd Fin)

Here’s a few pics from that day…

Dressen_Harrada_2017_4326 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4329 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4332 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4336 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4341 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4346 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4352 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4379 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4390 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4394 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4397 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4404 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4406 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4407 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4408 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4418 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4420 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4427 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4438 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4441 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4457 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4459 Dressen_Harrada_2017_4460 Tommi_plus_4355 Tommi_plus_4367 Tommi_plus_4419 Tommi_plus_4454