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CPH PRO & Open 2013 – 15th – 21st JULY • UP-DATE

Next week it’s CPHPro 2013… F##k yeah 🙂 CPH PRO 2013 – 15th – 21st JULY and it’s it’s 40th anniversary, so it could be a super classic event to be at. Fælledparken is one of the best (if not The best) concrete parks in Europe. Last autumn they even finished the vert ramp (see Thomas Madsen skate it on his 40th Birthday). Programe info here on 15-16-17 JULY

New concrete park @ Myrsjö

New concrete park at Myrsjö (close to Orminge, Stockholm) is taking form. I was there a couple of days ago and things are looking better than I had hoped… yet another cool bowl in the Stockholm area… should be ready to roll around late August.